Founder and CEO of OPTEL Group

Louis Roy

After graduating from the Université Laval in 1989 with an electrical engineering and physics degree, Louis Roy founded OPTEL, convinced that businesses can have a positive impact on the world. OPTEL is now the world’s leading inspection and traceability system provider, serving several industries: pharmaceutical, medical devices, healthcare, agri-food, and natural resources. With more than 800 employees in Canada, Ireland, Brazil, the USA, and India, OPTEL utilizes its world-renowned expertise to improve product quality, reduce counterfeiting, and make better use of resources. Louis Roy was named Canada Entrepreneur of the Year 2017.

At Viridis Terra International, Louis Roy is an advisor in business, commercialization, and information technologies. Doing that, he is pursuing his goal to be a model for future entrepreneurs and to build a sustainable and socially responsible world.