What we do

International development

Services & Expertise

We establish the project with our partners and offer training and assistance for the development of sustainable land restoration and management practices.

To achieve that, we:

  1. Identify local challenges, assets, needs and resources;
  2. Form partnerships with international and local academic institutions, NGOs, experts, and other organizations;
  3. Develop strategies and plans to engage with partners and local communities;
  4. Offer training and knowledge transfers;
  5. Mobilize and raise awareness of and in local communities; and
  6. Offer technical support throughout the course of the implementation of sustainable land restoration and management projects.

The objectives are to:

  • Valorize degraded lands through sustainable revitalization, agroforestry, forestry, and agriculture practises.
  • Control soil erosion using phytotechnologies.
  • Restore productive soils and diverse ecosystems.
  • Valorize residual wastes as green inputs on degraded lands.
  • Protect, manage, and restore watersheds.
  • Assist local communities in developing ecofriendly businesses.
  • Increase local communities’ adaptation to climate change.